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Welcome to Atlas Windows and Doors, your local TOP RATED VINYL WINDOW REPLACEMENT COMPANY. Proudly serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Diego County, CA.

Conveniently based in Costa Mesa, in Orange County, California and proudly offering our services throughout the Southland, it is a great privilege providing energy efficient premium vinyl replacement windows and doors with expert window and door installation services to countless satisfied homeowners seeking to beautify and add more energy efficiency to their homes.

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Installation Vinyl Windows

When considering replacing your windows and completing home improvement projects you want to get the most for your money, not only for the products you buy but the services that come with it. We make sure the products we provide meet your standards of quality and affordability backed by expert services. There is no reason to pay big money for one product when you can obtain a comparable product for less. Let’s take a look at our vinyl windows and doors manufactured in Orange County CA.

Our line of windows and doors are constructed using only the highest quality virgin vinyl, PVC and titanium mixtures, guaranteed to never turn yellow, providing enhanced rigidity utilizing our internal “Dynamic Structural Rigidity System” that produces frames that are strong, rigid and resist sagging. Serving your window replacement needs throughout Orange County and using the latest materials in glass technology offering LoE 366 glass manufactured by Cardinal Glass. Dual glazed, dual pane, premium windows built to last a lifetime.  Title 24 Compliant, Energy Star and NFRC Certified windows have smooth satin glide operation with four stainless steel rollers per operating sash (panel) and come standard with our  “SoundMaster” technology helping to block outside noise by up to an added 70% versus other windows. Loaded with great features, premium quality, affordable and come with a full lifetime warranty. Take the leap from your windows to our’s and experience the Atlas difference today.

Window Services

Once we place your order in our system you can expect to receive your new windows or doors within 2-3 weeks or less. Waiting 6-8 weeks or more to get your new windows can be a major pain and so can waiting for a warranty service if the need ever arises. We deliver on both.

Installation Windows

Expert Installation is what brings purchasing new vinyl windows and doors full circle. Making the decision to invest in new premium quality vinyl windows is just one part of the recipe of window replacement. The installation of your new premium windows by a qualified vinyl window installation expert is equally just as important.

At Atlas Windows and Doors we have taken great care and have spent countless hours perfecting our systems of window replacement that leaves the customer with the peace of mind knowing they received expert vinyl window installation that is professional, efficient and just about as un-intrusive as you can get. Moral of the story, we keep it simple and treat your home like our own.

Installation vinyl replacement windows

Investing in new vinyl replacement windows for your home and making a decision on which window brand is going to be the best for your needs and budget is the easy part, sometimes. Naturally homeowners expect that with their new windows will come expert installation. Investing in even the best window means absolutely nothing if it is not installed correctly by highly trained and experienced window installers. Many window companies claim their installers have years of experience, been through the best training programs and use the best window installation products, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

At Atlas Windows and Doors our installation technicians have been through the popular installation training programs as well. However, our window installation technicians have been installing windows and doors since the early 1990’s and have encountered just about every situation imaginable. They have the experience and know how to address any challenge that may arise. While the window replacement training programs are essential, real world field experience is hard to match. Not only are our technicians experts in their field, you have the experience of a General Building Contractor to support in this effort as well.

replacement windows

On the day of your installation we stage your new windows in the appropriate areas and begin to remove your old windows, except for the existing frame. One of the benefits of purchasing retro-fit / replacement type windows is the existing opening is not disturbed and the original frame of the window stays intact, removing only the glass panels (Sash) from the existing window.

Next we apply waterproof silicone manufactured for window and door replacement to the outside around the flange of your new retro-fit window and slide your new window into place. The silicone application seals the flange to the wall creating a waterproof barrier between the window and the outside of your home. We secure the new window in place with galvanized screws and finish it off with another waterproof silicone seal around the edge of the window flange and wall.

Once all of your new windows have been installed we apply expanding foam insulation around the inside gaps between the new window, old frame and interior wall/sill to help insulate your new window even more. We then install an interior flat vinyl finishing trim closing all of the gaps and silicone around all of the edges for a nice clean and finished look.

Lastly, we clean all of your windows and window frames on the outside and inside to complete the installation of your new vinyl retrofit windows. All of the old window debris and any trash is cleaned up, swept up and hauled away. Your home is left just like we found it but now more beautiful and upgraded with your new Atlas Windows.

Give Atlas Windows and Doors a shot at providing you only the best in customer service, premium windows and expert installation services throughout Southern California.

new windows and doors

We meet you at your home, bring a fully operational sample of our windows and take you step by step through the features that make them the best choice.

We take accurate measurements of all of the windows and any doors you would like to replace. Then we go over what you can expect during your new window and/or door installation.

We provide you with a detailed proposal of what your new window and installation investment will be. Here’s the kicker, there will be NO change orders. The amount we propose is the amount you pay. We’ve never liked the dreaded “change order” and neither do our clients. That’s why we make sure to get all of the information and details ironed out from the beginning so there are no surprises for anyone.

When you have accepted our proposal, we place your order in our system and your new windows will be custom manufactured for you and ready in a week or two. Once a date is confirmed your windows will be ready we contact you to schedule installation.

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    Since early 2012 Atlas Windows and Doors has been delivering Affordable Premium Vinyl Window and Door Products with expert licensed installation services throughout Southern California. When beautifying your home and lowering your energy costs is a priority for you, Atlas Windows and Doors provides the solution. When putting your trust in a company to deliver, to follow through, to simply answer the phone, Atlas Windows and Doors provides the solution.

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    Phenomenal service, beautiful work. It changed the look of my walls to have these windows installed. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Excellent price and unbelievably quick install too. I would recommend these guys to the President. Super happy. Thank you!

    Lora V.

    Excellent client service from initial meeting, through measurements, and during install. Scott was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Atlas to family and friends.

    John T.

    Great experience. Installers did a great job and finished the project ahead of schedule. Definitely would recommend.

    Luke Z.