French Doors

French Doors

French Doors

When French doors were originally developed in the 17th century, they were constructed with a view toward allowing more light into homes that didn’t have much natural lighting. That being the case, these doors were developed much like windows would be, with grids throughout the glass, but with the glass extending throughout the entire length of the door itself.

Modern French door design doesn’t necessarily call for wooden grids to be installed, to give it the look of multiple windows, but it does still call for the door to be made primarily of glass. There are three main styles of French doors, including French inswing, French outswing, and the popular sliding door style. Some of these French doors include grid patterns while others do not, and French doors can be designed with a single panel door, or with two doors that meet in the middle.

  • Triple Pane Decorative Glass– Super thermal protection, never compromising on beauty and sophistication with endless patterns to choose from.
  • Architecturally Correct Proportions –Beautifully detailed panels identical to real wood grain. Lasting almost forever in comparison to real wood doors.
  • Insulated Cores – “Green” insulation – 100% CFC-free providing a high “R” value for the max in thermal protection.

Why choose French Doors?

Homeowners who choose to have French doors installed are often looking to brighten up a room and bring in more light from the outside. Having these type of doors installed is a great way to enjoy outdoor living to a greater extent, because the extensive glass coverage allows for a tremendous view of the outdoors, and literally brings it inside the home. Many people choose to have French doors installed as a patio door so that they can have additional entertaining space for guests and visitors.

There’s a special touch that French doors add to your home’s decor, and people who have more refined tastes often appreciate having that special touch included in their own homes. There are endless ways that French doors can be customized to suit your personal tastes, and your sense of style for interior decorating. Having this many options and potential customizations available, is another reason why French doors are often selected by homeowners who wish to put their personal stamp on a house.

Benefits and Features of French Doors

If you’re thinking of installing French doors in your home, you will be able take advantage of a number of the benefits and features they provide:

Color and texture options – available in a wide variety of color and textures, French doors can be easily made compatible with your interior decoration scheme, and can be customized to suit your personal preferences.
Other available options – there are also a number of other options available for you to customize your French doors, for instance installing security glass, blinds between the glass, and designer-cut glass configurations.
Increased value – the resale value of your home will increase when you have French doors installed, and while you’re still living in the home, you’ll enjoy an increased level of comfort.

  • Energy efficiency – modern French door systems are more energy-efficient than ever, and can actually save you money on your utility bills.
  • Customized sizing – you won’t need to have a standard height or width to install French doors, since they can be customized to accommodate virtually any door height or width.
  • Flexibility – most swinging patio door systems can either be hinged from a fixed panel or from the frame, which provides great flexibility for installation.

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