Sliding Windows

Sliding Window

Sliding Windows

Nowadays, sliding window systems are equipped with a standard track and roller system which is state-of-the-art, and which allows for super easy gliding when opening or closing them. All lift-out sliders are equipped with standard half screens, although full screens are available for those who prefer them. Full screens are standard on sliding windows which are designated as swing and clean sliders.

One of the great things about sliding windows is their versatility, because they are available in two or three panel sliders with a whole slew of potential configurations possible. Also, sliding windows these days come equipped with standard double or triple weatherstripping, which makes them virtually impervious to weather elements, and also provides two or three times the normal level of air leakage prevention. Suffice to say that today’s sliding windows are far more efficient and comfortable for your home than ever before.

Why choose sliding windows?

There are some pretty compelling reasons for you to choose sliding windows over some other type of window, when you’re considering replacement of some of your existing window systems. For one thing, the high-quality components allow for very easy and convenient operation, especially since they were designed for this kind of ease in the first place. That sloped sill design guarantees that water will drain away quickly, and not accumulate anywhere around your window frame.

As opposed to say a wooden frame, high-quality vinyl components will never crack, peel, chip, or become warped, even when exposed to frequent bad weather. Speaking of bad weather, sliding windows provide superior durability and strength against strong winds and frequent rains or storms. The energy efficient design of sliding windows helps you to save on your utility bills, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable interior for all occupants of the home. Perhaps best of all, sliding windows can be customized in a number of different ways, so they can be a good fit in almost any window space in your home.

Features and benefits of sliding windows

The features and benefits which you would derive from having sliding windows installed include all the following:

  • Easy cleaning – the lift-out sashes make it very easy for the standard sliding windows to be cleaned without having to go outside.
  • Flexible configurations – sliding windows can be configured such that they use either a lift-out or tilt-in style, depending on which one you prefer.
  • Increased security – window locks are pick-resistant and recessed, which makes them very difficult to compromise, so you can have peace of mind about security.
  • Energy efficiency – the window frame insulation is made of high-quality polyurethane, and that provides tremendous comfort as well as the maximum in energy efficiency. You can expect to see lower utility bills with these efficient windows installed.
  • Low maintenance – being equipped with lift-out sliders as well as dual brass rollers equipped with a stainless steel axle, will provide many years of great performance, and little or no maintenance necessary to maintain this high level of performance.
Standard Features Include:

Four Stainless Steel Rollers per operating slider panel and our proprietary Satin Glide Track System result in smooth and easy operation on all of our slider windows.

Dynamic Structural Rigidity System enhances frame stability and rigidity of our windows – the inside construction of our extrusions is thicker compared to other brands resulting in more overall rigidity especially in larger windows.

High-Performance LoĒ³-366® Dual Glaze Glass

The newest generation of high-performance glazing utilizes LoĒ³-366® to create energy-efficient and Energy Star compliant windows and patio doors fit for every home in every climate. Always offering the most cutting edge, technologically advanced windows and doors available.

Our dual glazing system exceeds requirements by over 40%, controls heat and sunlight during the summer and provides insulation in the winter for year-round comfort and energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass

The Energy Performance Ratings of our Dual Glazed LoĒ³-366® glass are some of the best in the industry.  These ratings are what tell the tale of how energy efficient your new windows are.  For more information on how glass performance is rated visit the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council).

Our NFRC Ratings – Simply the best!
National Fenestration Rating Council
  • U- Factor = 0.28
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient = 0.23
  • Visual Transmittance = 0.53
SOUNDMASTER Glass – Noise Dampening Technology

A Premium feature that comes standard on all of our windows.

Reduce exterior noise by 70% and make your home a place where you can escape the hectic and noisy environment around you. Our windows are manufactured with a ‪3/16” and an 1/8” panes of glass. Other companies only use x2 – 1/8” panes of glass. When varying the thickness of glass it disrupts sound waves resulting in more sound proofing compared to other dual pane windows.

Super Seal- Argon Infused

Take energy efficiency to yet another level by including the optional argon gas between the window panes. Reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency even more.

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