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Premium Vinyl Windows to Match Any Style and Budget

When the time comes for replacing your current windows, you should seriously consider installing some new vinyl windows. If you’re a homeowner who appreciates low-maintenance items around the house, you’ll love vinyl windows because they require almost zero maintenance, and when you do have to clean them, nothing could be easier.

They are also stylish and highly functional, increasing your home’s curb appeal, and adding significant resale value to your home. Vinyl windows are also extremely durable, so once you install them, you probably won’t need new windows for quite some time. In terms of return on your investment, you simply can’t do any better than that. Read on below to find out more about installing vinyl windows in your home, and about all the benefits they provide to a homeowner.

Why purchase vinyl windows?

Vinyl windows are engineered so that they will muffle out unwanted noise, and so they drastically reduce any air exchange with the outdoors. This will not only make your home quieter, but will make your home more energy efficient, since conditioned air does not escape to the outside as readily. You’ll also enjoy the fact that vinyl windows require lower maintenance than any other type of window on the market. For all-around performance, there is simply no better window on the market than vinyl windows.

This will depend in large part on how many windows you have to replace, whether any repairs are necessary to the window jambs, and which style of window you choose for replacement.

We provide a number of different brands, all being top-of-the-line manufacturers, and we can review all these when we come to see you for a consult.

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Window Types

There are quite a few window types to choose from, and you may want to match the window style to the overall style of your home, or you may just want to choose windows that are the most practical and energy-efficient. Here are some of the most popular current types:

Single Hung

Single-hung windows open vertically, and the bottom sash can be moved so you can allow fresh air to come inside. Since they open and close without sticking out, these are a good choice for windows that face porches, patios, or walkways.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows have two sashes that can be moved, so that you can achieve airflow on the top, bottom, or both. It’s very easy to clean from inside the home, and always stays flush with the wall.


Sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side, allowing fresh air in. This is a popular choice in contemporary style homes.


Picture windows do not open, being stationary, but they do allow a considerable amount of light to enter into the home.


These types of windows are hinged at the side, so they can be cranked open when desired, which will allow for complete top-to-bottom ventilation.

Grid Options

Window grids, also known as window grilles, can add the perfect accent to any home, and they can complement the new vinyl windows you’re installing very nicely. You’ll have a number of window grids to choose from, so you should go to a window dealer and take a look at some of the available grids to see which style appeals to you, and which might be most appropriate for the kind of windows you’re installing. Here are some possibilities you might want to consider:

Double Queen Anne

Queen Anne grids will have a block of border squares around the perimeter of the window, and a Double Queen Anne style grid would have two distinct rows of these blocks.


This is a contemporary grid style, with there being an outline on the perimeter of the glass, and the grid intersecting at the corners.


Victorian grids tend to be more stylish and fashionable, with less emphasis on practicality than a Colonial-style grid.


This is a traditional grille pattern featuring symmetrical lines placed in the window, reminiscent of stability and the basics.

French Colonial

Whereas the Colonial style grids often break up a window into 4, 6, or 9 distinct sections. a French Colonial style grid adds a more European flavor to the style, while still providing a contemporary appearance.

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