Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors can literally bring the great outdoors inside, and provide you with a panoramic view of the exterior, while also adding a great deal more light to any room, and brightening it for everyone in your household. The great thing about installing sliding patio doors is that you will be able to spend a lot more time enjoying the view outside, and a lot less time on maintaining the doors themselves.

Modern patio doors are constructed so that the doors will stay in their tracks snugly for years, because they’re so corrosion-resistant, and because they’re anodized for durability and decorative appeal. Aluminum frames for sliding patio doors are extremely durable and can face whatever weather elements they might be exposed to on the exterior. On top of all that, they’re extremely easy to operate, they never require painting, and all it takes to clean them is a damp cloth and your regular household cleaner. In just a few minutes each month, you can have your sliding patio doors sparkling like they were brand-new.

  • Thick LoE3 – 366 dual glazed double pane glass
  • Modern European design
  • Effortless open / close operation
  • Stainless steel track
  • Beveled glass options
  • Multiple Grid options and configurations

Other benefits of sliding patio doors

There are a number of other benefits of sliding patio doors which you might not have thought of, but which you would quickly become aware of if they were to be installed in your home. For instance:

Easy access to the outdoors – It shouldn’t be overlooked that sliding patio doors provide very easy access to the outdoors, since the glass panels slide easily to one side so you can go from whatever room they’re installed in, directly to the outdoor area. They don’t require any swing area, so they won’t interfere with any furniture you have installed in the area.

Energy efficiency – Sliding patio doors are also built to be extremely energy-efficient these days, offering often featuring Low-E glass for maximum energy efficiency. This type of glass has a special coating which reflects a great deal of heat as well as harmful rays of the sun, and that allows your home to stay warm during the winter and cool during hot summer days.

Safety and weather-sealed – Most sliding patio doors also include a safety feature which secure the units snugly into the door jamb, and that creates a secure lock for safety, while also maintaining a tight seal against weather elements.

Aesthetic appeal – The visual appeal of sliding patio doors is another powerful benefit of having them installed, and in addition to providing a scenic view of the outdoors, sliding glass patio doors also serve as a complement to virtually all modern home styles. You can generally purchase sliding glass patio doors in a number of different finishes and colors, which will also add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. You’ll have the option of including other features like grilles for additional charm.

Appreciation for the great outdoors – There’s no better way to enjoy the scenery in your backyard and the entire surrounding landscape without stepping outside, other than to stand before your sliding patio door and admire the neighborhood scenery.

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