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When you want a convenient and affordable solution to getting replacement windows & doors La Habra, look no further than Atlas Windows and Doors.

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You Might Think To Your Self What’s The Difference?

We know it’s an exciting (and stressful) time when you’re remodeling a home or in need of replacement windows. That’s why we make it our priority to ensure that your process is seamless from start to finish.

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You don’t have to put off getting vinyl windows because you think it will take too long or be a hassle. Atlas Windows and Doors is on time, affordable, and experienced.

We use quality materials for your windows made in the USA, and we deliver on our promise to provide environmentally friendly products and procedures for our community.

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We stay at the forefront of the industry to ensure that Atlas Windows offer premium features, without having a giant price tag. We treat you and your home exactly how we would want to be treated ourselves.

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Once you simply request a free quote for vinyl windows by calling 949-891-1350 or getting a quote online, we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

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We’ll then guide you through the samples so you can select the best vinyl window design for your home. Our measurements are precise because when we offer you a proposal, you won’t have to worry about it changing.

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We stand by our proposal so you have peace of mind knowing that the amount proposed is the only amount you’ll have to pay. Once the windows arrive in the following week or two, the installation will be scheduled and take place in a day.

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Whether you want to make your home more energy efficient, you’re ready for a change, or it’s just time to get those windows replaced, Atlas Windows and Doors has got you covered. Our local community is important to us we and want to do everything we can to make your experience the best one possible.

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    What are Vinyl Windows?

    Today, when it comes to building construction, remodeling or replacement of features in residential and commercial properties, the focus is on environmental-friendliness and energy-efficiency.

    With this in mind:

    Vinyl replacement windows are a very popular trend in the United States. So, what exactly are these windows, how energy-efficient are they, do they provide any other benefits and are they cost-effective too?

    Read on to learn what vinyl windows are:

    These windows are essentially made out of a vinyl/PVC mix. They were first brought into the market in the 1970s to replace the more-expensive timber windows. Despite the fact that they are a new entrant into the market, today they run almost neck-to-neck with wooden windows, in terms of market share.Most people notice the vinyl windows in a structure because of their uniform appearance.

    When these were first launched, they used to be available only in white color; however, over the last two decades manufacturers have been bringing to market vinyl windows of various other colors too.

    Their affordability is one of their biggest assets and some brands can cost up to 25% less than their timber counterparts.

    With the right maintenance, these windows can last a lifetime.

    While most manufactures do have a range of standard size vinyl windows, many customers opt for custom built ones. Since there is an opening of a specific size where the older window was; the replacement window is made to fit that space.

    This ensures the exterior and interior trim doesn’t have to be altered in any way.

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    Vinyl windows and the benefits:

    We just talked about how these installations are significantly less expensive than timber windows. Apart from that, there are a number of benefits that make these an ideal choice for your home:

    Low maintenance- Property owners everywhere look for options that are low maintenance, and vinyl windows fit the bill.

    You don’t have to worry about sanding, repainting or polishing them, as you would ones that are made of timber. All they need is regular washing and wiping to keep them looking good for years to come.

    Well, it’s the true their energy efficient:

    When you choose high quality vinyl windows like the ones from Atlas Windows and Doors, you are assured of distinctly lower heating and cooling costs.

    These are constructed with well-researched materials and proven airtight construction. They are available in Argon-infused (optional) double glazing.

    This very effectively reduces heat loss & improves the insulation quotient even further. We use the latest, high-performance LoĒ³-366® in the glazing and this adds to their energy efficiency.

    Resistant to changes in climatic conditions and pests- Some of the commonest maladies that affect timber windows are rotting, damage from termites and the negative impacts of pollutants and corrosion.

    These are the things you will never have to worry about, once you get vinyl windows installed. They are resistant to all these factors. Apart from this, they don’t flake, pit or peel like wood does.

    Strength and durability- As mentioned earlier, these windows are extremely resilient and can easily last for 20 years or more, with appropriate and regular maintenance.

    Let’s face it, the design is flexible:

    Since vinyl windows are available in a range of colors and finishes, it gives you the design flexibility to create the look you want on your property.

    Not only are they available in a range of solid colors, but are available in real wood finishes such as maple, cherry and oak.

    So essentially, you can have your cake and eat it too- If you want the look of wood without all the hassles it presents, vinyl windows are the way to go.

    The best part is they are versatile:

    Our windows are available in a variety of styles such as Single hung, Double hung, Slider, Picture windows and casement windows.In addition, Bays, Bows, Garden windows and custom designs are also available. There are also super cool grid design options such as Double Queen Anne, Perimeter, Victorian, French Colonial and Colonial.

    What more could you ask for?

    This wide range in a variety of colors makes them perfect for any setting- residential or commercial.

    Check this out – their condensation reduction:

    Condensation is a very common problem with glass windows. At Atlas, we provide very high quality window systems that incorporate advanced glazing technology.

    Because the edges are kept at a more consistent temperature, it helps reduce condensation.

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    Why is sound insulation important?

    Our Energy Star Certified vinyl windows are made using “SoundMaster” technology: this helps block at least an additional 70% of outside noise, compared to standard windows.

    Quick installation- Once our experts come over to your location, take all the necessary measurements for your replacement vinyl windows in advance; the windows are then precision manufactured exactly to your specs.

    Since they are a perfect fit, the actual installation doesn’t take long. The no- mess, no-fuss installation ensures you have stunning windows on your property, within the shortest period of time.

    Whats the bottom line? They’re cost effective:

    Vinyl windows are between 10 and 15% cheaper than timber windows, and that is a tangible benefit. When you factor in the reduced cost of maintenance and reduced cooling and heating bills, you know that these installations provide you return on investment in the long term.

    Since our windows are Energy Star Certified, you will also be eligible for certain tax credits and this becomes an added benefit for you.

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    Regardless of how you look at it, vinyl windows from Atlas Windows and Doors are an excellent option for your residential or commercial property.

    You only have to call us with your requirements and we will send over our vinyl window experts to your premises; they will survey the space, understand your requirements and provide you a comprehensive, obligation-free quote.

    We have experienced technicians on board that install the windows to perfection for you. With a very efficient and expert manner. For any more information about our high grade Vinyl Windows Replacement La Habra, CA feel free to call us at 949-891-1350

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