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How to Replace Vinyl Windows

When you notice that the interior spaces of your home don’t get as warm as they should in the winter, even when the heating system is on; or when you notice that the air conditioning isn’t as effective as it used to be, its best to check the condition of the windows in your house. In most instances we at Atlas Windows and Doors have found that old windows that have deteriorated over time tend to be the culprits.

If you have single-paned timber windows, and are facing issues such as these, you might want to consider getting these windows replaced. If you are wondering how to replace vinyl windows, you can contact us with your requirement.

Things to consider

We work very closely with you to determine what your exact requirements are, and then provide solutions that fall perfectly into your budget. The different aspects that have to be taken into account while deciding how to replace vinyl windows are:

  • Design Details – This is something that our experts will discuss with you.
  • Color options – Vinyl windows are available in a variety of colors and styling and this gives you the flexibility to design these features just as you like, and create the look you want.
  • Hardware – We provide a range of hardware options that help complement the look of the window installations you have chosen.
  • Glass options – The kind of glass panes you choose for your windows add the style and high-performance quotient you are looking for, in the installation. You can choose from double-paned, triple-paned or even impact-resistant glass for your new windows. The Low-E glass panes provide excellent energy-efficiency and help protect the features in the interiors from fading. as the glass is resistant to the UV rays of the sun.
When Would You Need Residential Window Installation?

Every homeowner wants their home to look stunning in every way. It’s why they spend a significant amount of time, effort and money on maintaining their home and upgrading various features of the structure, when they need to. This is where residential window installation comes into the picture.

While the materials and window panes used in these installations are similar to those used in commercial installations, the work process is very different from the one that’s followed in commercial projects. This is because the setting of a home is intrinsically different from that of a commercial structure. Homeowners have very specific ideas about how they want their homes to look; and they expect the company they deal with, to have detailed discussions with them and understand their needs.

Customized solutions

They also want to look at various designs and styles of windows and then decide what they want. We at Atlas Windows and Doors understand this, and focus on providing custom solutions to our clients. We also provide personalized attention and make every effort to understand what our customers are saying and what they expect.

We also take a great deal of care to ensure that the residential window installation is superb in every way. We have years of experience behind us and use our knowledge and expertise to ensure our customers get solutions that fit in perfectly into their budget.

Cost-effective services

The focus is also on ensuring that these installations are low–maintenance, energy-efficient and functional. With us, you are assured of solutions that provide value for money. When you want high quality installations, you need look no further than Atlas Windows and Doors.

Different Types of Window Replacement Options

Every house is different and every homeowner has different requirements when they are looking to upgrade the windows in their homes. Window replacements represent a significant investment; and it also means you have to be careful when you are choosing a company to handle this job for you.

It’s important that you choose a company which will be able to understand your needs and provide window replacement options that will complement the look of the existing features in your home, add to the aesthetics of your property, and provide years of service and value for money. We at Atlas Windows and Doors understand this and work very closely with our clients.

Types of window installations

Our experts check the available space and based on your requirements and budget, provide various window replacement options, such as:

  • Single hung – bottom up operation-These are excellent for living rooms and bedrooms on upper stories of your home.
  • Double hung – top / bottom operation- These windows have 2 panes positioned one above the other and they can either be slid up or slid down.
  • Slider – side to side operation- This is a very popular type of window style. These can be fixed on multiple channels, depending on what the width of the window is.
  • Picture – no operation- These installations have a single large pane that could be fitted in either a portrait or landscape-style structure. They are perfect to frame scenery outside your window.
  • Casement – swing out operation- Some property owners don’t like the sliding or single hung or even the double hung ones because they keep a certain section of the window closed at all times. In this instance, casement windows are an excellent option as both the window panes can be swung outward and they allow you a much better view of the outdoors.
Windows Service

Atlas Windows and Doors is a company that’s been consistently providing high grade windows service to customers across Southern California. Many property owners like to ensure that their home and all the features in it are in the best condition. In this respect, window replacement becomes a much sought-after service.

Why customers choose our windows service
  • We are a well-established company that has been providing premium vinyl window installation solutions for a number of years.
  • We focus on providing top notch quality products at the most competitive pricing
  • We are a licensed and insured company
  • All our window service personnel go through regular upgrade training; this keeps their skills sharp and ensures that every job is handled expertly and efficiently
  • We focus on providing a quick turnaround time and your window installation will be done within the shortest possible time
  • The site will be left clean and tidy after the work has been completed
  • We run super specials right round the year, and you will always find there are a number of deals waiting for you
  • We have also teamed up with different home improvement lenders- this provides you a great deal of flexibility and you can choose a finance option that best suits your needs
  • The windows we provide are energy-efficient and when you opt for our services, you do your bit for the environment, by reducing your carbon footprint
Value for money

When you get a windows service that is tailored to your needs, it ensures you get value for money. You can choose from various styles and sizes of windows and this means you get the design flexibility you want at pricing that fits perfectly into your budget. We also follow a very methodical approach to window installation and prioritize providing you excellent solutions that will adorn your home for years to come.

We handle installation of all types of windows and doors and provide solutions that are customized to match the requirements of our clients. For a free estimate, or information on our windows service, you can call Atlas Windows and Doors at this number – 949-891-1350. Alternatively, you can also submit this form to request a quote.

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