5 Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows have become easily the most popular option for replacement windows over the last couple decades. There are many reasons for this surge in popularity, some of which will be discussed below. During the 1990’s housing boom, vinyl windows exploded in popularity, and they have remained solidly in the top position ever since. Here are a few reasons why.

Great soundproofing

If you happen to live in a noisy neighborhood, you’ll love the soundproof qualities offered by vinyl windows. They have the capability to not only insulate against inclement weather, but they’re also extremely good at keeping out unwanted sounds and noises. Anyone who really appreciates some peace and quiet will appreciate the kind of calm noiselessness delivered by really good vinyl windows.

Low maintenance

Many homeowners lead very busy lives, whether that means going to work every day or attempting to maintain order in a household with several children. That means you won’t have much free time for such activities as washing windows, because there are always more important issues to address. Vinyl windows are the perfect choice for such busy individuals, because they require little to no maintenance, and when you do get around to washing them, it’s easy as pie. Many homeowners simply have vinyl windows installed, and forget about them for the next twenty or thirty years.


Installing replacement windows can be a costly investment, so when you do bite the bullet and decide to go ahead, you’ll want your new windows to last a long time. Better than any other type of window, vinyl windows can withstand the elements and still retain their original high-insulation qualities, as well as their aesthetics. Vinyl is resistant to heat, water, and ultraviolet rays, and they won’t break down like other windows. For instance, wooden windows can rot, fiberglass windows tend to separate at the corners, and aluminum windows can oxidize.


Given that a window replacement project will deliver one of the highest returns on investment, the low cost of vinyl windows provides the most cost-effective option in today’s market. In terms of upfront costs, nothing can beat vinyl windows. They’re the least expensive windows available, and they provide all the same protection and energy efficiency that the more expensive windows do. You’ll also save money on utility bills, so from a financial standpoint, vinyl windows win on all fronts.

Energy efficiency

Last but not least, vinyl windows are highly energy-efficient. Older windows could be costing you a whopping 40% of your total utility bill, as conditioned air escapes to the outside. Vinyl windows are terrific insulators, so whatever the outside weather conditions are, you and your family will be comfortable on the interior. You’ll have the option of making your vinyl windows even more energy-efficient by coating them with low-emissivity coating that will shield your home from ultraviolet rays, and keep everyone more comfortable. By opting for double-paned or triple-paned glass, you can increase energy efficiency even more, and save more on monthly energy costs.