5 Simple Home Improvements to Add Value

You don’t have to break the bank doing massive home renovations or remodeling projects to add much more value to your home. There are a number of lesser projects you can take on which will also add equity to your home, and make it more functional in the meantime. Some of the ideas described below may not be appropriate for your household, but on the other hand many of them could provide a big boost in equity, and could serve your family members better in the present. When the time comes when you actually do consider moving out of your home into a new residence, you will probably thank yourself for having undertaken these less spectacular home improvements which add major value to your home.

Appliances and doorknobs

When you have a number of old-looking and barely functional appliances around your household, that will tell potential buyers that the rest of the place might be in a similar condition. Doorknobs are a very small feature of your household, as are the fixtures on cabinets and closets, but these are all very noticeable to people who are evaluating your home as a potential residence.

You could replace all your appliances with used ones which have a new appearance, and that would be much more impressive to potential buyers, while also providing you with increased functionality on a daily basis. The same could be said for replacing all the doorknobs and fixtures throughout your household.


Many homeowners don’t consider landscaping when thinking about areas to upgrade, but in truth, it’s one of the first things that any potential buyer will be looking at and evaluating. The curb appeal of an immaculately landscaped home can be off the charts if you really maintain your outdoor area well. Even if you’re not in the mood to sell right now, you can feel pretty darn good about coming home to a house that might be one of the best looking places on the block.

It won’t take much to accomplish this either, because all you’ll have to do is fertilize your lawn and garden bed, apply some mulch here and there, and maybe even install a rock wall. You might want to install some exterior lighting or a paved walkway in your backyard. There are umpteen ways that you can add charm and appeal to the landscaping around your home, and none of it will require a major investment.

Replacing windows and doors

If you were to invest in brand-new windows throughout your entire residence, you could reasonably expect to recoup as much as 75% of the cost when you resell your home. That makes it one of the most cost-effective home improvements you could possibly take on. Because homeowners are quite focused on energy efficiency these days, your new windows and doors would be a strong selling point.

While you still occupy the residence, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of that energy efficiency, because it would lower your utility bills by keeping your conditioned air inside. By replacing your front door, you would be adding instant curb appeal, and you should keep in mind that it’s likely to be the very first item noticed by potential buyers as they enter your home.

Bathroom improvements

Your bathroom can be improved in all kinds of different ways, starting with a clean new toilet or even a seat, which will present a very positive impression to someone inspecting the premises. You might also consider re-caulking around sinks and tubs, especially if you’ve noticed that the existing caulking has been degraded over time. You’ll pick up some immediate benefits by having fresh caulk applied, and it can do a good job of rejuvenating the areas being treated.

Another of the most noticeable features in your bathroom will be the faucets and the hardware which have been installed there. This will be just as obvious as your kitchen hardware, and some new faucets will stand out and give the appearance of having a new bathroom, or at least one which has recently been renovated. If you make sure to include all faucets, knobs, and pulls on cabinets, you’ll increase the perception that your bathroom has undergone a full renovation.

Kitchen improvements

Just like in the bathroom, applying all new hardware to your cabinets and other doors in the kitchen will give the appearance that you’ve had a recent renovation. Along with this, you might want to consider replacing any damaged or neglected lighting fixtures which could be significantly improved by replacement.

You can also add colorful new curtains, or a fresh coat of paint in your kitchen to spruce it up. None of these enhancements will cost you a great deal of money, but you could add tremendous resale value as well as more functionality, simply by making some minor improvements around your kitchen.