Use Your Tax Refund to Replace Your Old Windows

Many people will be receiving a tax refund from the government, and that means it will give rise to the usual family debates about how the money should be used. You could of course, plan that long-awaited vacation that everyone has looked forward to. Or you could purchase a brand new riding lawn mower that will make lawn maintenance a much easier task.

But, have you thought about using the money to replace the old windows in your home? If they’ve never been replaced, they are likely to be costing you money because of cracks around the frame, and the loss of conditioned air. One of the most effective uses of your refund money is to install a set of energy-efficient windows that lower your utility bills, and add a touch of extra curb appeal to your premises.

Why should you replace old windows?

New windows will give your home an updated look, and you’ll no longer be obliged to wrestle with opening and closing them when they need cleaning, or when you want to let in some fresh air. New windows will also add resale value to your home, so that even if you’re not planning on relocating, you can recoup much of the cost of those windows when you do eventually sell, or borrow money against the home.

The advantage of having increased energy-efficiency is a major one. If your old windows were compromised in any way, it’s very possible that you’ve been losing conditioned air to the outside, or that you’ve been dealing with outside air penetrating your home and forcing your HVAC system to work harder. The more your heating and cooling systems have to work, the higher will be your energy bills, and the quicker those systems will suffer breakdowns or need repairs.

Saving or investing?

There’s something to be said for saving your tax refund, since there will always be a need for extra cash if you’re a homeowner. But investing your money in replacement windows is a sound use of the money as well, and it will deliver benefits for decades. Every day after you install new windows, your family members can feel more comfortable, you can be using less energy, and your home will have a more appealing look. That’s a lot to achieve with one simple investment, and it’s one great reason why you should seriously consider buying replacement windows.

There are also some ways that you can make your investment go further, and spend less money. Many government agencies offer incentives to homeowners who install energy-efficient windows, and that will help to reduce the cost of your investment. Local utility companies will also sometimes offer incentives for installing modern high-tech windows, and some of these are quite significant incentives. Before you decide how to spend your tax refund money, do a little research and find out how you can have the cost of new windows reduced, because it could end up being a huge discount that will allow you to use refund money on other things as well.