Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home This Fall

For a number of reasons, fall is the perfect time to replace your old, leaky windows with some weathertight energy efficient windows that will lower your utility bills, and keep your household more comfortable. Energy efficiency is a quality which is often overstated, but at the same time the benefits delivered by energy efficient windows are very real and worthwhile.

Most homeowners are obliged to spend as much as 40% of their utility bills on heating and cooling, and this percentage can be lowered dramatically by installing brand-new energy efficient windows. Keeping the cold air outside and the warm, conditioned air inside can go a long way toward helping your furnace, and allowing it to consume less energy in heating the household.

Other benefits of vinyl window replacements

There are other good reasons for you to have brand-new vinyl windows installed to replace your old, leaky windows. New windows will have more secure locking mechanisms, and that will provide much better security for your family, as well as peace of mind for you in knowing that household members are safe and sound. Another benefit of replacement windows that you might not immediately consider are some of the specialized window treatments you can have implemented on your windows.

For instance, you could have a window glazing installed for greater protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and you will be able to increase the insulation factor for your windows as well. When the sun is unable to penetrate your glazed windows, it won’t be able to cause fading on any furniture located near the windows. If you’d like to add a splash of color to your household, you can have windows installed which come in virtually any imaginable shade, and you can also match the window color to your existing home color.

If you’ve ever had to get a bucket of warm, soapy water and spend hours washing your windows, you’ll appreciate the fact that brand-new vinyl windows are much easier to clean. You can purchase windows with sashes that either tilt in or out, or can easily be removed for cleaning. You’ll also never have to scrape or repaint vinyl windows, because cleaning is the only thing that’s necessary.

The cost of replacement windows

If you’ve been holding back on replacing your windows because you felt that the cost was prohibitive, you should consider a couple factors that come into play. As an example, how much money might you save on your utility bills by having energy efficient windows installed this fall? Granted, that might not be an enormous amount for this one season, but when you add up all the savings over the number of years that the windows will be installed, it could make great financial sense to install replacements now.

Also, if one of your old, leaky windows were to fail sometime during the winter, how much would it cost you to have an emergency replacement installed, and to pay the labor costs for such an emergency project? When you think about it, it’s actually a pretty economical move to have replacement windows installed this autumn, and start realizing the benefits before winter even arrives.