When Are Replacement Windows Most Important? 

Many homeowners decide to install replacement windows in the autumn, in anticipation of the coming winter, when they expect to need greater insulation against the cold. However, the same argument could be used for installing them in the spring or early summer, so as to avoid making your air conditioner work really hard at cooling your home.

If you’re looking for a quick fix which is relatively inexpensive, something like installing a programmable thermostat or ceiling fans might definitely improve your cooling scheme for the summer. However, for a solution which provides longer-term benefits, replacement windows might be your best option. In almost any season of the year, installing replacement windows can have a major impact on lowering your utility bills and increasing your overall energy efficiency.

Summer replacement windows

There’s a good argument for installing replacement windows in the summer time or just prior to the beginning of summer. Modern vinyl windows offer tremendous energy efficiency which will prevent leakage and will keep your interior conditioned air in place, rather than let it leak outside. If you were to upgrade your existing windows to double-pane or triple-pane windows, you could expect to enjoy much improved energy efficiency throughout your household.

For example, triple-pane glass has three glass panes as part of its composition, and collectively these panes will block out 90% of all the harmful ultraviolet rays which might otherwise penetrate your household. In addition, high-quality vinyl windows are often coated with double layers of low-E silver oxide coating to further upgrade energy efficiency. When the dog days of summer start rolling in, and the heat and humidity index start climbing, that’s when it would be highly advantageous to have modern energy-efficient vinyl windows in place.

Advantages of summer replacement windows

There’s no question that your cooling system will be working really hard during hot summer days to keep your interior sufficiently cooled, and when you install replacement windows, that will help to eliminate leakage, and will ensure that conditioned air remains inside. You’ve probably already noticed how your utility bills can soar during the hottest days of summer, and this can be controlled with modern energy-efficient vinyl windows.

Replacement windows will help keep your utility bills down by rejecting ultraviolet rays, and by eliminating drafts and sources of leakage. You might even achieve a level of energy efficiency that allows you to shut off the air conditioner at night, and open your windows to enjoy the cool evening air.

Any time is the right time

Yes, you could wait until fall to install your replacement windows before winter arrives, but why wait when you can enjoy many of those same benefits right now? The truth is, at every season of the year, you’ll want to retain your conditioned air inside, whether it’s cold or warm air. That means you’ll need modern vinyl windows which prevent leakage and which are airtight, so that your interior air can’t escape to the exterior.

There is no bad time to install replacement windows, and when you really get down to it, any time of year that you have the time and the resources is absolutely ideal for putting in your new windows. The sooner you can start realizing the benefits of your modern energy-efficient windows, the better off your entire household and its occupants will be.