What Are the Benefits of Casement Windows

After you decide to replace your current windows, you need to figure out what kind of windows you’re going to be installing. You could take the path of least resistance and buy the exact same window, only in an upgraded version. Or you can explore some other options which are currently available, and which might add a more distinctive touch to your decor, while still being completely functional.

These days, a great many people are opting for casement windows because they carry some terrific advantages with them which other windows lack. For instance, they open vertically like a door would open, and they can be opened up by using a cranking mechanism that makes this very easy. Here are some other terrific benefits of casement windows.

Unobstructed views

If you were to install a double-hung window, it could break up your view into a number of different squares, and after a while that can get to be irritating. If you’d like a window which allows you to look out on the exterior landscape, but which also opens up, then casement windows are a really good option. Picture yourself sitting at your breakfast table, sipping some coffee, and you crank open your casement windows just a few inches. You’ll be able to look out on your yard, and feel the first gentle breeze of the day.

Air flow

Assuming that you have lived in your current residence for a while, you’ll know exactly which windows to open up in order to encourage cross breezes flowing through the household. If you had some casement windows installed, you could do even better than that. You’d be able to make some fine adjustments all through any season, so that you can put off turning on your air conditioner, or you may want to just clear out a steamy bathroom as fast as possible. If you live in a neighborhood where the houses are spaced close together, it might be difficult to encourage air flow in your home. When you have an angled casement window opened up, it catches and funnels fresh air all throughout your home, even if you live in tight quarters.

Tight seal

One of the qualities you may be looking for in your replacement windows would be an upgrade to your energy efficiency, and casement windows will provide you with that. Since they have a good tight seal, you can expect to achieve some savings on your energy bills after installation. Casement windows have a multi-point locking system which seals tight on all four sides, and when you crank the casement window closed, you can count on having the tightest possible seal, which will keep all conditioned air inside.

Peace of mind

Casement windows are excellent for security, and that’s an extremely important quality when you’re talking about your household occupants and all the valuables in your home. Ordinary sash windows are easily pried open by a criminal using a crowbar, but casement windows provide another level of security. If there should happen to be a fire which breaks out in your home, casement windows are often used as exit windows, because they’re easier to crawl out in an emergency. In any room where space is limited, a casement window would be a good option as an escape route from a fire.