Benefits of ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows and Doors

Is it really worth seeking out windows and doors that have the Energy Star designation as energy-saving products? In short, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and here is why that happens to be true. When you install doors, windows, and skylights that have the Energy Star designation, you can count on them saving you money by lowering your utility bills. In addition, having such energy-efficient products installed in your home will reduce your own greenhouse gas emissions, so you won’t be adding to the pollution of our atmosphere.

Greater interior comfort

Another big benefit of having Energy Star products installed in your home is that they will contribute toward making your household more comfortable for all the occupants. Cool drafts in the wintertime and overheated areas during summer will become a thing of the past, because your Energy Star products will work to provide consistent temperatures all throughout. Even furniture placed right opposite a large window will be situated in comfortable temperatures because of your Energy Star windows.

Maybe in the past, you avoided sitting near a window during winter, because you would feel the cool temperature right through the window glass. By the same token, you may have avoided certain rooms of your house in summer, because the heat factor just seemed to build up worse there than anywhere else. None of this can happen when you have Energy Star windows and doors installed in your house, because they will work to provide consistently comfortable temperatures in every room.

Protect your furnishings

Have you ever had draperies, curtains, or furniture upholstery fade away after being positioned opposite a window for a long period of time? That can very easily happen when you have frequent sunlight entering your home at the same points every day. When you have Energy Star windows installed, that won’t happen. You can have low-emissivity coatings applied to your windows, and that will block the harmful rays of the sun from entering through the windows, so there’s no chance of fading on any of the interior furnishings.

Ultraviolet light can be very damaging to carpets, draperies, and furniture, and all that ultraviolet light gets stopped in its tracks by a good low-E coating. Energy Star products have coatings applied to them that can reduce all kinds of fading by as much as 75%, which is the vast majority of the possible damage that can occur. With these products in place, you won’t have to worry anymore about valuable interior assets fading or being degraded by ultraviolet sun rays.

Savings with Energy Star products

All these claims about the effectiveness of Energy Star products have been backed up with solid research and studies which have been conducted on this subject. The biggest savings on energy bills occurs in the Northern Zone of the U.S. which is not surprising, since that’s where it typically will get the coldest throughout the year. However, substantial savings have also been achieved in the South, where it’s usually hottest during a calendar year. So, wherever you live, you can count on saving some money on your utility bills by installing Energy Star products.