The Top 5 Ways to Let More Natural Light into Your Home

Most people feel a sudden rush of happiness and joy at the first sign of spring, because it represents the arrival of sunnier and warmer weather. A big part of this good feeling comes from the benefits of having all that natural light, which helps to alleviate anxiety, increase vitamin D production, and ward off depression. Most of us thrive in sunlight, and we tend to slip into a state of depression or melancholy when it’s missing.

When you encourage more light into your home, you can benefit by having some of those same feelings simply because you’ll be banishing the darkness. Historically speaking, homes that have better interior lighting will also tend to have increased resale value. Below you’ll find some of the most effective ways of allowing more natural light into your home, so your family members can benefit, and so your household can have more appeal.

Use lighter window treatments

If you have dense, dark colors installed for your curtains and draperies, you might want to swap these out for materials that are breezy and beautiful. Consider using some lightly colored fabrics, some classic lace, or possibly some loosely woven sheers. You’ll find that lighter fabrics will also reduce the accumulated dust, which might be an important consideration if you have anyone in the household with respiratory issues.

Install a sliding glass door

There are probably multiple locations in your home where you have a window installed that could easily be converted into a sliding glass door. Not only will this bring additional light into your living space, it will encourage your family members to make greater use of the outdoors. Having a sliding glass door will allow you to get the most out of your home, including allowing a great deal more light in the interior.

Deep clean your windows

While you may not have to clean your windows often these days, especially if you have vinyl n your home significantly by conducting a deep cleaning on all your windows. You might be amazed to see what a big difference it makes to use some vinegar with soap and water to deep clean your windows. This will also give you a chance to make sure that all your windows are fully functional, and can be opened and locked without issue.

Choose a light color palette

When you have a light color palette installed in your home, it will reflect up to 90% of all natural light. Painting your ceilings can make the living space underneath feel taller and considerably brighter. Even the spaces and materials around your windows can help reflect additional light. There are a number of good options for sash materials available for all windows installed in your home, and when you use brightly colored sashes, that will have the effect of welcoming in additional light.

Install larger windows

One of the best ways of encouraging more light into your interior is by installing new and significantly larger replacement windows. This will not only lower your home’s carbon footprint, but it will encourage much more lighting into the interior. For instance, you can install a picture window, a bay window, or even a specialty-sized window that will completely transform the day-to-day experience in your household.