Does Replacing Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Most homeowners are aware of the fact that there are a number of home improvement projects you can undertake which would add resale value to the residence. Typically, such projects involve makeovers to kitchens and bathrooms, but there are other undertakings which can also contribute significantly to increased home values.

One of these is adding replacement vinyl windows which increase energy efficiency, and which add durability and strength to your group of windows, while also requiring little or no maintenance. It has been calculated in several different studies that investing in high-quality replacement vinyl windows can provide approximately a 75% return on your investment. That means if you were to invest $20,000 in a complete replacement of all your home’s windows, you could expect the value of your home to increase by $15,000.

Other benefits of upgrading

In addition to increasing the resale value of your home, replacing your windows would also provide you with an opportunity to update the curb appeal of your home, and give it a more contemporary look. You can increase the natural light which enters the home, and possibly even consider some customized window shapes to add architectural appeal to your home.

Another idea might be to install a large bay window which opens up onto your backyard, providing you with a panoramic view of the neighborhood, and increasing the natural light which enters your home. While you’re upgrading your windows, you might also want to make it easier to maintain them. One great way of accomplishing this is to install double-hung windows which tilt inward, to make it easy to clean both interior and exterior surfaces.

This is especially convenient when you’re talking about second-story windows, which you would otherwise have to clean while standing on a ladder outside the window. Keep in mind that any investment you make in replacing your windows might very well help your home be more distinctive among the other houses for sale in your neighborhood. The marketability of your home could be significantly increased, in addition to increasing the asking price for the house.

If you’re not re-selling

If you are not particularly interested in selling your home at present, there are still lots of ways you can derive tremendous value from replacement vinyl windows. Because they provide a tight seal with your home, the interior conditioned air of your household will not leak out, and the external unconditioned air will not be able to penetrate to the interior.

It is a well-known fact that air leaks are one of the primary causes of energy being wasted, and when you can eliminate air leaks with energy-efficient windows, it stands to reason that your utility bills will go down. Heating and cooling costs in your home are responsible for consuming approximately 40% of your total energy budget for the year.

Once you have installed your replacement vinyl windows and gotten past the initial cost, you can start saving money on those annual energy bills, so that you begin getting a return on your investment. Depending on just how energy-efficient the replacement vinyl windows are that you choose, you could end up saving a significant amount of money every year. This would make any investment in replacement vinyl windows well worth your while, and you would start getting an immediate return after installation.