How do Replacement Windows Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer?

Windows are an essential component of any household, since they provide a view of the outside which allows you to stay connected with that outside area to some extent. Furthermore, windows can be opened so you can breathe in the free air from outside, and that enhances the connection with the outside area. However, when the heat of summer comes along, you may not be as inclined to stay in touch with the outside, because it could be sweltering hot, and the humidity might be so high it’s practically unbearable. To prevent this from happening, you can install new replacement windows that will keep your entire household cool during even the worst days of summer.

Replacement windows retain conditioned air

If you’ve chosen the right replacement windows, you can count on them retaining your conditioned air inside the home, and not allowing it to escape to the outside. By the same token, a good airtight replacement window will prevent that hot and humid air outside from penetrating to the interior, and making your household occupants uncomfortable. When you can keep conditioned air in and unconditioned air out, your home will be much more comfortable, and you’ll probably also notice a reduction of your monthly energy bills.

They eliminate drafts

Drafty windows are one of the biggest causes of heat loss in winter and for the loss of cool air in summertime. This is most commonly due to the failure of the window seals, which can become dry and brittle, and lose the airtight quality they originally had. Once the seals fail, any gas between the panes of your windows will leak out, and all your energy-efficiency will be lost into the air. This will cause your energy bills to skyrocket if the condition isn’t addressed, and although it is possible to replace just the seals, you’re usually better off to simply replace the entire window.

They provide energy-efficient glass options

If you have only single-pane windows installed at your home now, you can have an immediate significant improvement by installing double-paned or triple-paned windows. Those extra panes of glass operate like layers of insulation, and they will keep all conditioned air inside where it belongs. There is usually some amount of argon gas between the layers of these glass windows, and that is what minimizes heat transfer in your home. You can expect that all the hottest rays of the sun will be stopped right there at your windows.

Triple-paned windows have krypton gas inserted between the glass layers, and that may be the very best option available for keeping your home cool in the summertime. Both double-paned and triple-paned windows are coated with a low-emissivity coating that blocks ultraviolet sunlight, and prevents any room in your home from heating up. As a further bonus, that low-E coating will also prevent any fading or discoloration to your draperies, curtains, carpeting, and furniture upholstery. So, obviously you have some excellent choices when it comes to keeping your home cool this summer.