Patio Door Options to Enjoy the Orange County Summer

With the Orange County summer now in full swing, you still have time to add patio doors to take best advantage of the great weather and enjoy as much indoor/outdoor time as possible. Now is also a great time to install energy-efficient patio doors, so that you can save money on utility bills at the same time that you’re adding a new look to your patio. Some of the best options for installing new patio doors are described below, and this will give you a good starting point from which to conduct your own research, and find the perfect patio doors for your Orange County home.

Sliding patio doors

When you install sliding patio doors, you’ll be able to literally bring the great outdoors right to the interior of your home, while also providing a great panoramic view of the outdoor landscape. In addition, you will be bringing in a lot more light to the interior and brightening up the entire household in the process. Another great thing about installing sliding patio doors is that you will be able to spend a lot more time enjoying your view of the exterior, rather than spending a great deal of time on maintaining the doors you’ve installed.

Today’s patio doors are manufactured such that they will stay securely in their tracks for a number of years. They are corrosion resistant, and anodized for decorative appeal and durability. If you choose to have aluminum frames installed for your sliding patio doors, they will easily be able to handle whatever weather elements might be dished out by Mother Nature, including some of those Orange County downpours.

All it will take to clean off your new sliding patio doors is a damp cloth and whatever household cleaning agent you would ordinarily use on the rest of your interior surfaces. You won’t spend any more than a few minutes each month on maintaining your sliding patio doors, but you will be able to enjoy the view all the time.

French doors

The original design of French doors called for allowing a great deal more light into homes which typically were short on natural lighting. That meant that the doors had to be developed like windows would be, including grids all throughout the glass, and having the glass extend all the way to the floor. While modern design for French doors doesn’t usually call for the installation of wooden grids throughout the glass, it still does usually ensure that the greater part of the door is constructed from glass.

If you’re thinking about installing French doors, you will have three main styles to choose from, those being the sliding door style, the French inswing, and the French outswing. Some of these French doors come with grid patterns, and others are built without those distinctive grid patterns. You’ll be able to choose from French doors which are comprised of a single panel, or those which are made up of two panels which meet in the middle.