The Added Value of New Windows: Is It Worth It?

Renovation projects can sometimes get to be very expensive, but the added value that they bring to your home is not the same in all cases. That’s why most homeowners will generally undertake those home improvements which return the most value, those being kitchen and bathroom remodels and exterior upgrades. What if you’re thinking about installing new windows?

Putting in new windows can definitely improve your energy-efficiency, it could possibly lower your utility bills, and it might even have a significant impact on curb appeal. How does the value brought by new windows compare to some of the other major renovation projects? In this discussion, we’ll consider that so you can tell how a windows installation project stacks up against remodel projects.

Should you replace or repair your windows?

For the most part, homeowners don’t bother replacing their windows unless there’s a pressing reason to do so. If you were to install new windows throughout your household, you can expect to run into some considerable expense. But if you only do a few windows at a time, you won’t have the same look throughout your home, and some windows will perform better than others.

A good first point in a windows project would be to determine whether you really even need new windows, or whether you can get by with some less expensive repairs. Most people who do windows replacement are looking to improve the appearance of their home, especially if it’s older. They also may want to give a boost to energy-efficiency, so that heating and cooling costs can be lowered. Sometimes storms can cause damage to windows, and that makes it necessary to replace them immediately.

If you’re trying to update the appearance of your home by installing new windows, then it won’t do you much good to repair the windows. However, if energy-efficiency is your big motivation, you can accomplish that without a full replacement. If you’re not sure whether new windows should be installed or if repairs will suffice for the time being, have a professional evaluate your windows situation, and then discuss what might be the most cost-efficient option to pursue.

Value of adding new windows

Although it’s not quite the same as the return delivered by a full-blown kitchen remodel, installing new windows does provide a high return rate. You can make that return rate even higher by installing windows that have maximum energy-efficiency. If you’re looking to get the absolute most value out of your windows installation project, you’ll have to do a full high-quality upgrade, because piecemeal upgrades and minor upgrades simply don’t deliver the same high return.

You might be surprised to learn that a full vinyl window replacement for your household has a return of 73.4%, this according to Cost vs Value Report in Remodeling magazine. In some cases, the return rate for windows is even higher than kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and deck additions. The key factor in return rates will be how much of an upgrade you commit to in your household. If you commit to a high-quality replacement project, you should get the maximum return for your investment, and you will have added considerably to your home’s resale value.