Tips on How To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Most people who are about to sell their homes are anxious to make it look as expensive as possible, so as to justify the highest possible list price. There are quite a few things you can do to give your house that decorative, expensive look that warrants top dollar, so you’ll have to decide on what your budget is for making any home improvements. When you know how much you’re willing to spend, that will direct you to a certain category of improvements that can be implemented fairly quickly. Below are some of the best ways to inject a little glitz and glam into your sale house.

French doors

French doors are as useful as they are elegant, and this fact will not be lost on prospective buyers. There are tons of things you can do with the glass sections of French doors, for example frosting them, coloring them, or possibly adding ornate decorations to them. The beauty of the style itself is enough to make them the featured component of any room they’re installed in, and this will be readily apparent. You’ll also have a tremendous view of the outside, because of all the glass sections.

Sliding patio doors

People love the convenience and the class of sliding doors, given that they do not swing open like a regular door would. That means they take up no room space when being opened, and they retain their natural appeal at all times. They serve to open up the living space where they’re installed, and that can make your home look larger than it really is. Install these in any room of your house, and you’ll be achieving a more expensive look right away.

Window treatments

If you’re installing new curtains or draperies, install ceiling-to-floor treatments wherever it makes sense. This gives an illusion of more height, and the room where they’re installed will look larger because of it. It also conveys the impression of sheer luxury, and can quickly influence the minds of observers. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to cover the entire window with your floor-length draperies, because you can simply add Roman shades or fabric panels to accomplish that.

Updated light fixtures

Start by replacing any old lampshades you have, because these can look tired and worn-out. Brand new, refreshing colors and styles will do just the opposite, and add life to your lighting configuration. Consider installing an over-sized hanging light system in your kitchen or dining room. These are very trendy at the moment, and they’re never out of style. They often end up being a conversation piece because they tend to dominate a room, while they’re lending it a sense of luxury. A chandelier in bedrooms or the bathroom might also work well with your current decor.

Mirrors and artwork

When you install big mirrors in any room, it appears to add depth to the room and make it seem larger. Even better, would be to install these mirrors directly opposite large windows, so the light can be caught and reflected. It’s kind of an optical illusion, but it does make your house seem a lot more luxurious, and larger than its actual dimensions. You should include lots of artwork, or perhaps just one or two large pieces in key areas. Make sure to add a gallery light with them, so you can highlight them and draw attention to the pieces. Your potential buyers will certainly notice this, and consider it when it comes time to make an offer.