Why are Vinyl Windows the Energy Efficient Choice?

Vinyl windows are fast becoming the most popular choice for homeowners who are looking for an affordable, durable, and maintenance-free option for window replacement. On top of all that, they are great looking windows that will increase your home’s curb appeal, and add to its resale value. However, one of the big reasons that vinyl windows are sought after so much these days is because they’re also very energy-efficient. So why are vinyl windows the choice for energy-efficient windows?

Properties of vinyl windows

Vinyl is a natural thermal insulator, which means it does not easily transfer heat. Instead, it tends to retain heat or cold inside, and to prevent that conditioned air from escaping to the outside. That’s exactly what you want from an insulator, and it’s why vinyl is so good at keeping warm or cool air inside your home. There are four primary ways that windows can lose or gain heat: radiation, conduction, convection, and air leakage. All these kinds of heat transfer are cumulatively measured by a window’s U-value. The U-value for vinyl windows is very low, which means it does not allow heat to be transferred easily at all. When you’re shopping for vinyl replacement windows, be sure to look for products with the lowest U-value.

Other benefits of vinyl windows

Even if energy-efficiency isn’t your top priority, it’s good to know you’ll be getting it with your new vinyl windows. You may have chosen vinyl windows over some other options for entirely different reasons though. Vinyl is a material that will not scratch, rot, or fade, so you can count on it being in place a long time without requiring any kind of maintenance. And speaking of maintenance, they’re one of the easiest windows on the market to clean, with only some soap and warm water necessary when the time comes.

Vinyl windows will not warp when exposed to heat or moisture, and that’s important since there are so many climates in the U.S. where there’s lots of rain and sunshine. Some people choose vinyl simply because it’s the most affordable option on the market, and there’s a lot to be said for that. When you’re undergoing a window replacement project at your home, the cost of windows isn’t just the price on the sticker – it’s that sticker price times the number of windows you have to replace. In a moderately-sized home, that can amount to a considerable total cost.

It’s also true that your vinyl windows will not become discolored over time, and that’s something else that can give you peace of mind. When you know that you can just install some new windows, and then not even think about them for months or years, it can take a lot of the worry out of home ownership. That’s just the kind of value you get from vinyl windows. Make your purchases, have them installed, and then forget about them. They will be there for years, looking great, causing you no hassles, and saving you energy.