Vinyl Windows Cost

When you’re considering the cost of vinyl window replacements, you should weigh that cost against the many benefits you’ll receive from having them installed throughout your home. With just basic maintenance, vinyl windows will last for decades, since they are immune to fading, peeling, warping, and cracking. Compared to wood or aluminum windows, vinyl windows offer superior thermal protection, and they are designed to provide outstanding energy efficiency.

Vinyl windows can also be recycled, which makes them a great choice for environmentally-minded homeowners. There are endless color choices and design options available with vinyl windows, so anything you can envision can be realized in a great set of vinyl windows. Perhaps best of all, when it comes to vinyl windows cost, you’ll find with just a little bit of comparison shopping, that vinyl windows are among the most affordable kinds of replacement windows you can possibly purchase.

Single-hung windows

This is the standard installation in any new home, unless the owner has specified something else. In this kind of setup, the upper sash is immovable and the bottom sash can be operated to some extent. A geo shape can optionally be included in the upper sash of a single-hung window, to enhance its appearance and provide increased aesthetic appeal. The cost of single-hung windows will depend largely on the layers of glass panes which are included in the window, as well as some other optional features. You can expect to pay less for single-hung windows than you would for double-hung windows.

Double-hung windows

One of the big differences between a single-hung window and a double-hung window is that the double-hung window allows for both the upper and lower windows to slide independently. You’ll have better air circulation with double-hung windows, since they allow more fresh air to enter in. When you’re cleaning your windows, these are very easy to work with, since both windows tilt inward and can easily be washed. That makes them a good choice for your second-story frames, because you won’t have to mount a ladder to clean the external surfaces. Expect to pay slightly more for double-hung windows than you would for single-hung windows.

Sliding windows

The big selling point with sliding windows is their ease of opening, since there is no cranking or lifting necessary when opening them. This alone might make them a good choice for someone who wishes to avoid the hassle of lifting, but there are other appeals as well to sliding vinyl windows. For instance, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, so there is probably a sliding vinyl window available to fit almost any window frame you have in your household. Then too, there’s a huge range of designs which you can choose from, starting with the basic sliding window all the way up to something which might be much more decorative and ornate. Of course, the cost of your sliding vinyl windows will depend on just how fancy you decide to get with your home installation.

Picture windows

As you might expect from their name, picture windows are very popular for providing the largest viewing area (the biggest picture) of the outdoors, and for letting in the most amount of natural light. Most commonly, they are installed in living rooms where residents can make best use of them, and they are generally fixed single-pane windows which have no mullions. It’s a little more difficult to install picture windows, but the extra cost of installation is offset by the fact that they’re generally fixed and generally single-pane types of windows. Unless you get really intricate with the design of your picture windows, they can still be affordable for you to install in your living room.

Casement windows

With casement windows, one of the big advantages is that you’ll have a totally unobstructed view of the outdoors, so you’ll be able to see your back yard clearly, or whatever is happening out in front on your street. With no vertical or horizontal supports (mullions) in the window to interfere with your line of vision, the natural light is free to enter and illuminate your room. Casement windows are typically attached to a window frame by hinges at the side, and this allows them to open outwardly when cranked open by a hand-operated crank. If you’re looking for great ventilation throughout a particular room, the casement window will provide just what you’re looking for. Depending on the style of casement window you choose, these can be more expensive windows, at least somewhat more costly than either single-hung or double-hung windows.

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